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Paul Newman was widely acknowledged for his skills as an actor and racecar driver, but they didn’t hold a candle to his skills in the kitchen. So confident was he about his cooking prowess that when dining out, no matter how fancy the restaurant, Paul was infamous for making his own dressing with ingredients brought to his table (much to the chagrin of the chef). Paul brought this same approach to his food company, insisting that first and foremost “product quality always trumps profits” and demanded that we never “scrimp on good stuff to increase profitability".

Thus Paul’s formula for success was born (and really quite straightforward)… make products that taste great, using the best ingredients, and give all the profits to charity… what’s not to like about that? So we encourage you take a look around and find your very own Paul Newman’s Own favourite. We’re always coming up with new and enticing additions to our product range. With authentic recipes and delicious ingredients, you’ll find something that works for every meal!